To have thriving Bonsai trees in your home or workplace.

I want to remove the myth that these miniature trees are difficult to grow . I’ll show you how to care for your Bonsai tree, grow it and make it the Center piece of you home.

Who Am I ?

I am Greg Reed, is a former Bonsai killer, convicted several times of murdering the hardiest of these miniature trees and sentenced to life long despair even though I pleaded to ‘plant- Slaughter’ 

It didn’t seem fair


I discovered an ‘ancient care script passed down through the Dynasties’ and never previously shared in the Western world.

Now I’m prepared to reveal all so you can become a Bonsai Master 

Start your own Bonsai journey today with my

FREE course: Bonsai mastery for beginners!

In this course I’ll reveal to you the most important aspects of frowning healthy, hardy, everlasting Bonsai trees 

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Pink Bansai