September 10, 2021

Bonsai Trees Tattoos

The beauty of bonsai trees tattoos is that they take on all the complexity of this ancient art form while still being aesthetically pleasing to look at. Tattoos have always been used to tell stories, so what story does your new bonsai tattoo tell?

In this article we explore bonsai trees tattoos in depthe including:

1. What is a bonsai tree tattoo and what does it symbolize

2. Types of Bonsai Tree Tattoos 

3. The meaning behind the design of the bonsai tree tattoo 

4. Examples of people who have this type of tattoo

5. How to care for your new tattoo once you get home from the studio 

6. Do I need to take special precautions with my bonsai tree tattoos if I am pregnant or breastfeeding (or planning on becoming pregnant)?

What is a bonsai tree tattoo and what does it symbolize?

Bonsai is the ancient Japanese art of growing miniature trees. The word bonsai comes from two words, ” bon “, meaning tray or pot, and ” sai “, which means plant. This art form is thousands of years old and has been practiced throughout Asia for centuries.

The main difference between bonsai trees tattoos and normal bonsai trees is that the latter are real while tattoo versions of the miniature trees are not. They are instead an artistic representation of this old art form.

Bonsai tree tattoos were extremely popular in Japan and China during the 17th century, but they did not reach their peak until much later on. The first time these tattoos appeared in the West was during the 1990s. Since then, they have become more and more popular among tattoo aficionados.

There are two types of bonsai tattoos; black and grey ink tattoos, and color ones.

The former is generally done with black or dark green colours (although there are exceptions). Here, detail is not as important as the overall design of the tree. The black and grey bonsai tattoos are often bold, dark, and simple.

Colour variations of this tattoo style are done with brighter hues that resemble actual bonsai trees. These more realistic looking tattoos can use anywhere from three to five colors in order to achieve a true-to-life look. Sometimes these tattoos use the same picture as their monochromatic counterparts, and sometimes they do not.

The original purpose of bonsai trees was to develop miniature trees that would be simpler to care for than their larger counterparts.

Bonsai tree tattoos are meant to symbolize growth and strength in the face of adversity. This particular tattoo style has its roots in Japanese culture, so many people choose to get them done in honour of their heritage.

Some people choose to design bonsai tree tattoos that resemble actual miniature trees. However, the vast majority like to use some artistic license and include elements such as plants or flowers in addition to the main trunk and branches.

Types of Bonsai Tree Tattoos

The most common element found in bonsai tree tattoos is the trunk and branches. In some cases, the roots are depicted as well. These trunks can have straight lines or curved ones. Some trees have a split trunk while others do not.

Branches can be twisted, turning to the left or to the right. These branches can also be shown in full bloom; blooming with cherry blossoms for example.

There are tattoos that include more than just a tree trunk and some of its branches. Some bonsai trees feature flowers, animals, and/or birds intertwined with the design.

The bird on this tattoo is perched on the uppermost section of the tree. Other tattoos have this element placed somewhere around the trunk or branches.

The meaning behind the design of bonsai tree tattoos

The main inspiration for these types of tattoos is Japanese culture; especially the philosophy surrounding Bonsai trees and their symbolism. Many people choose to get bonsai tree tattoos in order to symbolize growth in the face of adversity. Others feel that it means sacrifice in order to achieve an end result.

Because this is a Japanese tattoo style, some people may choose to get bonsai tree tattoos in memory of someone who has passed away (especially family members).

It can also be done for aesthetic reasons if the person is fascinated with Japanese culture.

Bonsai tattoos are an artistic representation of the miniature trees that originate in Japan. Some people like to include features such as flowers, birds, and/or animals within the design.

Others prefer to keep it simple with only the trunk and at least one branch. The style is mainly done in black or grey ink but there are some color variations as well.

Examples of people who have this type of tattoo 

They are usually found in areas with high concentrations of Japanese or Chinese populations. However, they are becoming more and more common among people who are interested in body art regardless of their cultural background.

They reach their peak until much later on. The first time these tattoos appeared in the West was during the 1990s. Since then, their popularity has continued to grow. Today, bonsai tree tattoos can be found anywhere from street shops to high-end studios.

How to care for your new tattoo once you get home from the studio 

Bonsai tree tattoos look beautiful when they are freshly done. However, everything looks even better after a shower; especially if you can get one with some good steam and hot water running over your new tattoo. The heat will help to open up the pores and bring out the color in more vivid detail.

It is important to keep your tattoo clean and dry during the healing process. If you want to get into the habit of keeping your tattoo clean, then just ask your artist how he or she recommends cleaning it when you get home from the studio.

Most artists will suggest a salt water treatment; others may prefer an antibacterial soap like Technicare.

After they are done healing, bonsai tattoos can last anywhere from just one year to a lifetime. As long as you take good care of them, they will remain in pristine condition for many years to come.

Do I need to take special precautions with my bonsai tree tattoos if I am pregnant or breastfeeding (or planning on becoming pregnant)?

The tattoo process can be dangerous for pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, if the baby is already born and you plan on breastfeeding, then there shouldn’t be any problems as long as your artist knows what he or she is doing.

Some people advise against getting bonsai tree tattoos because of the possibility of bloodborne pathogens (i.e., HIV and hepatitis).

People who have had tattoos in the past should not worry about getting a bonsai tree tattoo. In fact, they may be more intrigued by the idea of owning one because it is such a unique design.

However, if you are still unsure, then just ask your tattoo artist about their policy on working with pregnant or breastfeeding

Where to buy bonsai trees tattoos?

You can buy them online. There are many bonsai tree tattoo designs on the internet; you just have to know where to look. If you want to see some cool pictures of their tattoos, then just Google it and find a good site that sells them.

However, if you want one done quickly and at a studio, then just walk into any tattoo studio and ask them if they can do you one.

Many artists are familiar with bonsai tree tattoos; in fact, some may already have some in their portfolio.


The theory behind the bonsai tree tattoo is that it symbolizes a person who has lived an exceptionally long life. Some people also believe that these tattoos represent wisdom and patience, as well as good luck.

These are just some of the many interpretations for this unique design. If you’re looking to get one yourself or know someone who might be interested in getting one, then we hope our article helped!

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