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how much does a bonsai tree cost

How Much Does A Bonsai Tree Cost?

How much a bonsai tree costs typically depends on their size and type of tree species you’re looking for: some bonsais can be as low as $5 while others can cost upwards of $1500!

Bonsai are expensive plants that require special care and attention. They grow slowly, but it’s worth the wait to see them mature into a beautiful plant.

This blog post will walk you through what to look for when purchasing your first bonsai tree.

How size of a bonsai tree affects cost

bonsai tree

You can find a relatively cheap bonsai with as low as $5, but it will be small. Such trees usually cost about $20.

On the other hand, some species of bonsai are really expensive and you need to pay at least from 150 to 300 dollars or even from 400 to 800 if your budget is high.

For example, Ficus bonsai are really expensive due to the fact that they are very hardy and impressive looking.

Cost of small bonsai trees 

small bonsai tree sunlight

Most of the small bonsai trees are very affordable.

For example, you can get a Chinese Elm Bonsai within $20-$50 price range, while Japanese White Pine usually cost from 50 to 70$.

Japanese Black Pine is sold for approximately 40$ and Japanese Hornbeam goes from 40 to 60$.

It is worth mentioning that prices of such trees may vary depending on your location and online store you’re buying them from.

Cost of mid size bonsai trees 

Medium sized bonsais can be found for approximately $100-$300. For example, Red Maple Bonsai usually cost around 200$, while its price varies between $30 and $50. You can purchase Dwarf Mugo Pine Bonsai for about $50.

Medium Juniper Bonsais can be found for approximately $100, while Chinese Elm cost as much as $160. It is important to mention that such bonsais are relatively hard to care for and therefore it is really helpful if you have some experience in this field.

When it comes to mid-size bonsai, most of them can be found for around $300. For example, Japanese Black Pine is sold for approximately $150, while price of Trident Maple may go as high as $300.

Cost of big bonsais 

Big redwood bonsai tree

If you want to purchase a bigger bonsai tree, the budget is about $500-$1500.

For example, you can purchase Golden Gate Juniper that costs around 1$50. Some species of bonsais are really expensive and you will need to pay at least $400-800.

Such plants may be sold for up to $2500, like Japanese White Pine Bonsai. There is also an option of buying a medium sized bonsai tree for this price range. For example, Chinese Elm is priced at $500, while Shimpaku Juniper costs around $700. Keep in mind that some types of trees may vary depending on the size you want to purchase.

Cost of an old bonsai tree

Old bonsai tree Rocky Mountain

Firstly what is the age of an old bonsai tree?

There are different types of bonsai trees which have different life spans. That depends on the species or root-stock, but usually it takes 10 years to become mature and you will need 100+ years for your bonsai to look like 400 years old.

Some types of bonsai trees can live 200, 300 or even more than 500 years! If you purchase an old bonsai tree, expect to pay $500+, but it will be very expensive. For example, Chinese Elm Bonsai is worth 500$, while Trident Maple may go as high as $1500.

Older bonsai trees can cost you from $1,000 to $5,000. For example, Procumbens Juniper is sold for around $270 and Japanese White Pine costs approximately $150. Some types of bonsais are really expensive and you will need to pay at least $3K or even $4K if your budget is higher.

Cost of the different types of bonsai trees

Bonsai trees are divided into 4 types according to the shape of their leaves. You can buy Deciduous, Tropical or Evergreen plant for your bonsai.

Each type has different requirements in terms of care and growing conditions. The easiest type is deciduous bonsais that have broad leaves.

Such bonsais do not need much care and if you do not want to spend too much time on looking after it, this type of bonsai tree is for you.

It only requires enough trimming every spring and autumn. Tropical plants require more attention and they grow all year round, while Evergreen plants are very slow growing and such trees need a lot of patience for successful growth.

Cost of deciduous bonsai trees 

You can purchase different types of deciduous bonsais, starting from $20 to $500. Most popular ones are Trident Maple Bonsai that costs around $100, while Robinia Pagneulosa is priced at about $60. You can buy Chinese Elm for approximately $200 or Japanese Zelkova Bonsai that goes for about $200.

Cost of tropical bonsais 

You can buy different types of tropical Bonsai, starting from $50 to $500. For example, you can buy Ficus Indica Bonsa for only $50, while you will need at least 100$ for Trident Maple. Chinese Elm costs around $200 or more depending on the size, while Schefflera or Umbrella Tree may be purchased for $100.

Cost of Evergreen Bonsais 

They are most expensive type of bonsai with prices starting from $200 and going as high as $1000. For example, you can buy Juniper Procumbens Bonsai for only 200$, but such tree will cost you $1000 or more if it has deadwood.

You can choose between different types of Evergreen bonsa trees, but the most popular are Hinoki Cypress Bonsai that costs approximately $1, while Bald Cypress is priced at around $5. All these bonsais are in the infant stage.

Cost of bonsai trees from a nurseries

Bonsai nursery olive bonsai tree

You can purchase different types of bonsai trees from a nursery and prices will vary depending on the size and species. For example, it may go as high as $1K for small Gingko Biloba Bonsai or Juniper Procumbens, while Chinese Elm is sold for $200$

Most popular plants are Trident Maple that costs around 100$ and Pyracantha that costs around $200.

Cost of bonsai trees online

You can buy bonsai trees online and prices will depend on the size, species and seller. For example, Trident Maple Bonsai may cost you only $50, while Red Pine will cost around $60. Most popular types of bonsais are Chinese Elm with a price range from $120 to $200, Acer Palmatum – around $20 and Trident Maple – around $100.

You can buy bonsais online for as low as $20 such as Trident Maple Bonsai, but prices of such trees will vary depending on the size.

Majority of bonsais range from $50 to $100, including Chinese Elm Bonsai that cost approximately $60. You can purchase tropical trees for as low as $70$, but prices will vary depending on the size.

What are the other costs associated with buying a bonsai tree?

What’s the cost of a bonsai starter kit?

Sebider bonsai starter kit

Bonsai trees are not cheap, but if you want to save money on keeping your tree alive, you can purchase a bonsai starter kit. These kits include everything you need to take care of your bonsai plant.

You can buy such kit for only $10 up to $50. You will find different types of bonsai kits, but the most popular ones include a ceramic pot, wire, soil and tree.

Cost of bonsai tools 

You will need bonsai tools for trimming purposes, but if you want to grow your bonsai in the best conditions, you should purchase specific tools that are not too cheap.

For example, small shears may cost only $10 each or up to $100 for electric ones. Furthermore, wire cutters may be purchased for $5 or higher, while soil rake may cost you up to $25.

 What’s the cost of fertilizer and soil?

Bonsai trees may need special type of fertilizer and you should purchase only natural one that won’t harm your tree. Price range can vary from $5 to up to $50, but if you want your bonsai to grow healthy, you should purchase a fertilizer with 10-15-10 or similar ratio.

Bonsai soil is not cheap and you may need a couple of bags depending on the size of your plant. Price range for bonsai soil usually varies from $20 to $80, but you will save money if you choose another type of substrate such as lava rock or akadama.

How much does bonsai wire cost?

You will need specific type of wire for your bonsai tree, but it can be purchased separately or as a part of a kit. Price range is usually from $30 to $150, but if you purchase a high quality wire with soft coating, you may spend only around $30.

What’s the cost of a bonsai growing kit?

If you want to start working with bonsai as a hobby, you may purchase a specific kit that includes everything you need for successful tree growth.

You can find such kit at as low as $40 and as high as $150, but it will be cheaper if you already have pot and soil.


How much does a bonsai tree cost? If you’re wondering how much it costs to get your hands on one of these miniature trees, the above article will help. A good starter bonsai (the kind that is easy to maintain) will run about $30-$50 for the pot and plant together. Obviously, prices vary depending on type and size but this should give you an idea of what they generally cost.

We’ve also disccussed the size of your bonsai tree and it’s type which will affect the price. The cost of a bonsai tree may also be determined from where you buy it – a nursery or online store.

While consideration of how much a bonsai tree costs is important, the pleasure of owning a bonsai will give you years of enjoyment way beyond the cost. Buy a bonsai tree today and enjoy the experience!

Check out our care for bonsai tree page for more information once you’ve bought your bonsai.

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