August 8, 2021

Bonsai Tree Price

A Bonsai tree price can be confusing. There are a few things to take into consideration when pricing a bonsai tree. Let’s look the three most popular criteria and discuss popular bonsai trees and their prices below.

3 criteria in determining a bonsai tree price

What type of tree? How big is it? How old is it?

These factors determine how much you will pay for your new bonsai tree.

If you’re looking for something small, simple, and inexpensive, then go with a juniper or pine bonsai plant that has been trimmed to look like a miniature tree.

But if you want something more complicated and expensive that looks like nature’s perfect work of art (or at least close), then go with one of the other types: maple, yew, holly-leafed mulberry or even plum.

How much does a bonsai tree cost?

Bonsai trees can cost anywhere from $30 to $600 or more depending on the type and size of the tree.

The price is affected by three factors: the quality, condition and history of the plant.

1. Quality: The highest quality bonsai trees are obtained from older plants that have been carefully preserved for many years. They are the most expensive.

2.  Condition: The plant must be healthy and blooming well, otherwise it is less valuable.

3. History: Antique bonsai trees are very collectible because they have history behind them. They’ve been cared for over the years and can bring in high prices from collectors.

How much is a bonsai tree worth?

Worth is different than price. What the worth of a bonsai between owners may vary substantially.

A Juniper Bonsai tree with a history goes for about $1,800.

A black pine Bonsai Tree without history would cost around $300 or more depending on the history.

What is the most expensive bonsai tree?

In April 2011, a bonsai tree called the “Penjing Museum Bonsai Tree” was bought for $600,000. It is an 1000-year old juniper found in Taiwan and has history and value.

It broke the record of another bonsai tree that sold for only $500,000 in 2008.

Oldest bonsai tree price 

The oldest bonsai tree was at 1000 years old and sold for $1.1 million in 2006. It is called the “Chujinfu” juniper tree.

So if you want to buy a history, quality and good condition bonsai tree, expect to pay a pretty penny for it!

Because history and history are so important, if you have lost history of the tree (like an antique bonsai tree), then it may be worth less than a regular one.

Let’s start with the most popular

Japanese bonsai tree price

Japanese maple trees are fairly inexpensive because they grow quickly.

Their price ranges from $20-$100 depending on the height and width. One other thing that affects the cost of your tree is if it comes in its own pot or not.

If it does come in its own pot then that will usually bump up the price by about $30-50 dollars more than if it was bought without one already set up for you.

Juniper bonsai tree price

Another type of bonsai tree is the juniper. They are also fairly inexpensive and go for about $20-$50 too.

Also, those with their own pots usually cost around $30 more than the one without it already set up.

Pine bonsai tree price

Another popular variety is pine (but not the ones used to make Christmas trees). Their prices can range from $25-$50, but if they are in their own pots then that will be about the same as a maple or juniper.

Chinese elm bonsai tree price 

Prices range from $100-$700. They can be really expensive depending on how much dirt there is or if it comes with its own pot; the prices are usually about the same as a Japanese maple without one and a juniper with one.

Ficus bonsai tree price 

These typically range from $50-$500. Most have at least a medium size trunk and are aged. The more dirt in it the higher its price will be.

Mulberry bonsai tree price

The price of mulberry bonsai trees range from $25-$200, but they are not very popular compared to other types.

This is because they are difficult to trim -it’s hard to make them look good with that growth spurt in the middle (the trunk and base of a real tree). Plus, they are not very resistant to pests or insects like some of the others.

Banyan bonsai tree price 

They are very popular, but almost all of them are bought in tiny pots and priced around $500-700 because they have history behind them.

Chinese Banyan tree price range: about $100-$600 depending on the history/size.   It is very easy to grow a banyan tree from seeds so there aren’t history behind most of the banyan trees you will buy.

Chery bonsai tree price

Cherry Bonsai prices vary from $75-$300 depending on size/ history. They are very popular for beginners because they can feed themselves by their own leaves so you don’t have to worry about over-watering or under-watering them!

Mango bonsai tree price range


They can cost anywhere from $30-$160 depending on history and size.

Japanese pepper bonsai tree price 

Ranges from $20-$250, but this type is not very popular.

Meyer Lemon bonsai tree price range

This type of Bonsai is gaining popularity because it is a citrus tree and it is easy to grow! Plus, they don’t need as much watering or sunlight like other types of Bonsai. It can cost $50-$100 depending on history and size.

Ming Aralia bonsai tree price 

This type is fairly new (they were first introduced in the United States in 1980s). It can cost $25-$300 depending on history and size.

Driftwood bonsai tree price 

They are usually bought as a decoration in someone’s living room or home, not for the history behind them because they would just be something you buy at a store, but their history doesn’t really matter to most people. So their prices range from $20 to $400, depending on history and size.

Jasmine bonsai tree price range

They can cost anywhere from $25-$250 depending on history and size. This is one of the most popular types!

Japanese white pine bonsai tree price

These are very popular for the history behind them. They are often used as grave markers because Japanese people traditionally bury their ancestors between two pines . The history behind it makes the price range from $800-$2500.

Jade bonsai tree price

These trees aren’t too popular, but they are easy to grow and can be grown from seeds (so no history behind it) and can cost anywhere from $50-$350.

Containerless bonsai tree price

The only types of bonsai you will find that don’t come with their own pot are either Chinese elm, mulberries or Japanese white pine bonsaies because they are buried in history .

Yew bonsai tree price range

Lastly, there is the yew bonsai tree. These are very popular because they look the most like a natural tree.

It’s special because it has needles that are poisonous and the trunk looks wrinkly instead of smooth like other bonsai trees.

Plus, unlike other types of bonsai plants they only grow in Asia (most others can be grown anywhere). Their prices range from $200-$900.


In conclusion, you have to consider what the price of the tree means for you and your bonsai!

You also have to take into consideration how fast it will grow, where it should be placed in your house/apartment, and how big (tall) it will get.

Some may even need more sunlight than others so you have to consider what the health of your plant is based on where you live as well.

Lastly, you can’t forget about its history and how many generations it has lived through!!! Historical facts are always fun to learn about bonsai trees so make sure that history gets a spot in your history books!

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