November 17, 2021

Sebider bonsai starter kit

 Top 5 Bonsai Beginners Kit For The New Bonsai Enthusiast

A bonsai beginners kit is the perfect way to start looking after your bonsai, especially if you’re just starting out.

terrific Growing bonsai is a great way for anyone to enjoy the garden and the hobby simultaneously. But it requires lots of effort, time, and patience, tools, accessories which in turn require money, and in that order. Sometimes the cost of the tools can be prohibitive for beginners who are just starting out with bonsai, but it doesn’t mean you need to shell out thousands of dollars when you start growing one or two trees.

So, here in this post, we will show you some must needy bonsai kits which will help you make a start, and if later on, you want to invest in more tools, they won’t cost as much as those expensive high-end ones.

Is It Necessary to Have A Bonsai Beginners Kit?

Bonsai kits can also be called bonsai starter kits. These are the most important tools and accessories needed when you start growing a bonsai tree. There is no one single reason why it is highly recommended to buy these kits instead of buying each tool and accessory separately; we will give you three good reasons:

Starter Kits Are Economical :

The tools and accessories in these kits were carefully selected by experts who know what is needed for certain types of trees, like junipers, cedars, pines, etc. So instead of spending money on all kinds of tools (and wasting time trying them out) that may or may not be suited for your needs, this kit gives you everything that’s needed at an affordable price.

This is a great thing for new bonsai growers to have a good bonsai beginners kit.

Starter Kits Are Of Top Quality:

Some beginner kits can be bought as cheap, but for that price, the quality of those tools and accessories is also low. They tend to rust very early on, their leaves break easily. On the other hand, there are starter kits that cost a little more, but their quality is unsurpassed, sharp blades that cut easily and never rust, long-lasting synthetic leaves which you can adjust to different angles, strong containers and you’ll have these tools for a very long time.

Starter Kits Are A Great Way To Learn:

When you get your first bonsai kit, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll know much about the different types of tools and brands or how they work. Getting a starter kit will give you an opportunity to try out all these tools under supervision so when later on, you buy them separately, you already know what each tool works.

What Are The Good Bonsai Beginners Kit?

For the beginner, buying an expensive kit is not recommended. If you can get tools of good quality at a cheap price, why would you need to spend more? So, below are some starter kits that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will give you top-notch products that’ll last for years.

Loako Bonsai Tree Kit

The tools in this kit are of high quality, especially the shears, which are amongst the best for bonsai. The Ebony wood stake is also good-looking and quite sturdy. There are two other stakes that will come in handy when you have to secure the bonsai tree tightly to the pot or into a wire basket.

Another important tool included in this kit is the concave cutter which can be used while wiring your bonsai to create curves where required. Loakos Bonsai Tree Kit contains everything you need if you’re just starting out with bonsai- pruning shears, concave cutter, root rake, tweezers, and angle cutters.

HOMEGROWN Bonsai Tree Kit

The bonsai kit contains four bamboo pots and drip trays, soil peats, fertilizer, and an instructional guide with pro recommendations. This kit is perfect for both beginner and intermediate bonsai growers who want to make sure their trees are growing well.

The tools included in this kit are of high quality (except for the gloves, which feel like sandpaper), especially the root hook that’s probably better than your regular garden tool, it can be used for removing weeds as well. The only problem with the gloves is that they’re quite stiff at first but after wearing them a couple of times, they become soft.

Garden Republic Bonsai Starter Kit

The bonsai kit is perfect for beginners with four types of seed which can be used for sprouting seeds, clay pellets, and an instruction manual. However, the Potting Soil, Pots, Pruning Shears Scissor Tool, Plant Markers, etc are also included with the package. So you don’t have to buy anything separately, plus all the tools are of top-quality.

If you’re looking for highly durable bonsai starter kits at affordable prices but don’t want to compromise on quality, these three kits are perfect for you.

Grow Buddha Bonsai Starter Kit

Grow Buddha Starter Kit

Grow buddha bonsai starter kit is a complete beginner-friendly kit that will teach you how to grow your own bonsai tree in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, just follow the instructions in the manual and in two months’ time, you will see results.

It comes with all essential tools like soil mix, shears, gloves, etc that are needed for growing Bonsai Tree. However; the root hook is not included but it can be bought separately. From this price point, this bonsai kit is definitely worth it.

SEBIDER Bonsai Tree Kit

This Bonsai Tree Kit is sturdy and well worth its money. The tools included in this kit are the best you can get for the price, especially the root scissors which have extremely sharp blades that’ll last long. However, the 16PCS Garden Hand Tool provides premium performance and long-lasting durability, so you can use them for a lifetime.

Do These Bonsai Beginners Kit Require Skill?

Of course, To operate a bonsai kit, you need to have basic knowledge of bonsai and there is no way that a beginner can grow a fully-fledged bonsai tree if he/she lacks the expertise. While most of these kits come with very precise instructions and some even include instructional videos on how to properly care for your new plant friend, not all kits provide the customer support and guidance that’s needed during the early stages of growth.

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t have much experience with Bonsai Kits, it is advisable to start off with easy-to-care bonsai trees like Ficus, Beech, or Elm which can survive drought and low humidity as well as neglect. These are the most forgiving of bonsai trees that are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to grow their own bonsais.


If you are looking for a complete bonsai kit and you’re completely new to the idea of growing your own bonsais, Grow Buddha Bonsai Starter Kit is perfect for beginners because it covers all aspects of how to grow bonsai in the comfort of your home with ease. And if you’re an experienced bonsai grower, then SEBIDER Bonsai Tree Kit is perfect for you because it’ll give your garden a modern and gorgeous look.

Sebider bonsai starter kit

Hope you’re finding the right source of bonsai kits. If you want to add any further information or if you had some experience with these kits, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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